How we are different…

We are a 6th generation farm family who hold a passion for natural health and wellness. As healthcare professionals with a combined bi-generational experience of over 80 years, we recognize the desire for alternative health options. Our resumes include pain management, hospice & home health, acute care, older adults, pediatrics, and mental health. In fact, our Pine Hill sister Leanne, who has over 20 years of healthcare experience alone, is obtaining her PhD focusing on cannabidiol research and other alternative health options in the veteran population. We do not believe in a “one pill fits all” approach. Collaborating with several local, holistic healthcare professionals, we strive to assist you in achieving your highest level of health. 

The journey...

We began organic farming in 2012 with a large vegetable garden. Then in 2017, we officially became Pine Hill Sustainable Farm, LLC (aka Pine Hill Farm).  At that time, we (painfully) transitioned 50 acres of conventionally farmed land to organic. During this time, we became intimately tuned in to the specific organic needs of the land which has been family owned and farmed since 1847!  In 2018, the focus of our farm became growing hemp for cannabidiol (CBD). This better aligned with our quiet passion for holistic approaches to wellness, and our personal, positive experiences with alternative medicines, including the hemp plant.

Highest quality, lab tested...

We are proud to be a certified organic hemp farm offering high quality, locally grown (indoor and outdoor), and third party lab tested products that are free from pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, additives, and fillers. This allows us to have complete transparency of the products we are growing and recommending as we are a “seed-to-shelf” farm. 

Moon themed product names...

One of our favorite things to do at night in summer is sit outside at the backyard bonfire. The night sky is so clear and luminous. If you imagine long enough, you can almost touch the moon and stars, hence the moon themed product names that we hope provide you with relief and enjoyment!

Thank you for supporting Pine Hill Farm!

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Watertown, Wisconsin

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