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"It's really a miracle!"

I've tried every aluminum-free and natural line of deodorant available. I have honestly never found a natural deodorant that covers up my foul armpit odor. The week before my menstrual cycle is the worst and for the first time that I can remember, my armpits smell great every since using the cbd infused deodorant! Even my husband had the same results! Not sure what the secret ingredient is, but it's really a miracle! I cannot say that enough. 

     -anonymous female

"Best I've had, hands down."

I've used a lot of different cbd flower for inflammation and pain. When Jon gave me a few cbd pre-rolls to try out, I was impressed. That flower was some of the best I've had, hands down.

     -anonymous co-worker

"It definitely soothes my arthritic hands."

I suffer from painful arthritis in my hands. When I apply the Solar Moon salve with cayenne pepper, I just love the feeling of hot relief. It definitely soothes my arthritic hands, that's not easy to find.

     -anonymous family member