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We take mental health seriously, especially in veterans. Please follow one of Pine Hill Farm's own, Leanne, as her upcoming dissertation research gives us an in depth look at CBD use and benefits for veteran mental health. Find updates directly on our Facebook page.

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A note from Jon, the MAN behind the scenes:

"Hey there. Thanks for taking the time to learn about cannabidiol. I, myself, have found immense relief using hemp for chronic headaches, joint relief, and inflammation/pain.  This God given plant helps me focus better, reduce anxiety and irritability, and sleep much better.  Many people want the therapeutic properties of cannabis without the THC "high," so that is where CBD hemp buds come into play, allowing for almost instant effects.  Our team has put a lot of time and energy into hand trimming some of the best, highest quality CBD flower around. We'll be expanding our hemp strains to include a larger variety of boutique, hand trimmed smokable flower in addition to our topicals and oils which have been product trialed and third party lab analyzed.  All have been tested with great results for pain, inflammation, mind balance, stress, you name it. Thanks for the support!"

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