For confidentiality and sensitivity of personal health information, names are not listed publicly for personal testimonies.

"I found Pine Hill Farm at a local craft fair and so glad I did. I suffer from sharp pains on the ball of my foot. For two weeks I rubbed Solar Moon salve on my foot and the pain is gone. Thank you!"


Not another CBD brand...

Buyer beware! In today's popular, oversaturated CBD market, many mass producers offer low quality hemp or fake CBD due to little regulation. We commit to transparency of our brand while maintaining a"seed to shelf" philosophy. 

Full circle products...

All hemp sourced from our family farm goes through a series of third party testing, formulating, and organic processing.  A superabundance of TLC goes into crafting our full spectrum, hemp inspired wellness products. 

Veteran supported...

Many of our beloved family and friends are veterans. In fact, several veterans helped grow and craft many of our amazing wellness products! We thank all active duty and veterans for their service!

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